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Country Picker Wheel

Pick a random country by wheel

This is a random country generator that picks a random country among the continents selected. You may randomly generate a country name, a country flag, or both. After spinning the wheel, a random country will be selected. There are normal and elimination modes available you can play with this country name generator. The output for the country is then saved in the All Results section. You can spin again and choose the subsequent country.

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1. What is Country Picker Wheel?

Country Picker Wheel is a random country generator that can pick a random country by using wheel. Using this country generator, you may randomly generate a country name, a country flag, or both.

This country name generator wheel is a specialized wheel from the mainBOB体育登陆入口. It can be used for learning, decision making, or game play. For example, you may guess the country flag and check what the country name is.

There are total of195 countriesavailable from 6 continents.

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2. How to Use The Random Name Country Generator?

1. Choose the regions/continents in which you wish the country to be located. The default is set to All Countries. You can select numerous regions.Continent inputs

2. Finalize the list of potential country choices. You can exclude or include specific countries from your list for your wheel.Countries choices

3. Choose whether to show the Flag & Name or Flag only or Name only on the wheel and when the result is announced.Show section

4. Click the spin button to start spinning the random country wheel.Spin button to start spinning

5. A random country is chosen and displayed in a pop-up window.

6. Decide on an action mode. (Modes are explained below.)Show result

7. The result is also stored in "All Results" section.

8. Continue spinning.

9. Shuffle the inputs if you want.Shuffle letter inputs

10. Hide the input section if you want.Hide inputs

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3. Wheel Customization?

You can apply a variety of customizations or configurations to the wheel to meet your needs.Tool settings location

The configuration options include the following:

  • Spinning duration (lvl1 to lv10).
  • Spinning speed (1s to 30s).
  • Enable manual stop button.
  • Fix the initial angle.
  • Mystery spin (replace inputs on wheels with “?”)
  • Disable confetti.
  • Mute sound.
  • Customize starting, spinning, and ending sounds.
  • Change the wheel colors with several themes provided.
  • Change the background color of the whole section.
  • Customize wheel colors and background color with your own colors.(Premium Users)
  • Adding your own logo or banner.(Premium Users)

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4. Type of Modes

4.1. Normal Mode

When you choose this mode, the potential country choices will remain the same as your previous spin.

4.2. Elimination Mode

Elimination mode causes the randomizer country wheel to drop the currently selected nation from the list of potential nations for your subsequent spin. The "All Results" will display what was deleted.

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5. Enable Title Section

Your visitors will understand the purpose of your spin wheel if you enable the title e.g. "Guess the Country Flag".

Clicking the Title Button in the Inputs section will open or close the title section.Open or close title section

And write down the name.Write title

When the result is revealed, the title will also be displayed.Title on the result

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6. View All Results

查看所有的国家之前你创erated, click the "Open All Results" button.Open all results button

It will show all of the random countries generated by the wheel since the first spin of your current visit.All countries results history

By clicking the download option, you can save the results as a picture.Image download button

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7. Full Screen View

You may switch between full-screen and normal view modes by clicking the full-screen button. (Available on a desktop computer and tablet)Full screen button

The random country wheel gets bigger when full-screen mode is activated, and the "Inputs" section gets hidden.Full screen view

The "Open All Results" button still allows you to view your results.

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8. How to Share the App?

Click the share button from the top right corner of the website.

Share Number Picker Wheel button

Decide "Allow people copy the wheel"?

Choose whether to include your current wheel's tool settings e.g. wheel colors.

Click "Create Share Link".

Copy the link’s address or click the Copy or Facebook or Twitter buttons to share this Random Country Generator with other people.

If you think this application is useful, kindly share with your friends and family about it.

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9. We Want to Hear Your Feedback

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or find any bugs with our random country name generator. Please don't hesitate toinform us. We value your comments so we can make the country generator better.

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10. Want to Use Other Inputs?

Please head to the mainBOB体育登陆入口to fill up the list of your inputs. It has a wide variety of uses.

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